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  • Yagna's page on the wikia has been updated! Let me know if you see any issues! Any if you want to add or change anything, feel free to do so.
    I thought I'd clarify, since tempers are so often frayed on this here series of tubes.
    Oh, I just posted that for you to know the joke. Use whichever you like. I'm sorry if it came off wrong. :)
    I'm not really like that, politically speaking. But then again, I feel nowhere at home, honestly.
    Netherlands (yes, the pic is a Canadian mountie, but I wanted a non-standard feel pic)
    True, they didn't have many conversations with each other that I can remember.

    I didn't know if there was any hard evidence that appeared one day that I missed. To think that DL required only one misstep in thousands of posts and it didn't happen is mind-boggling.
    I saw those posts and immediately assumed JollyRoger was joking. Turns out that might have been the perfect cover.
    He got really, really angry with MobBoss and kept harassing him. I dunno.

    He was spamming the forum with personal attacks on MobBoss while the mods were Zzzzz... and eventually got banned.
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