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  • Holy Mary mother of Tom Brady, I bet you're partying tonight! Congrats on the Pats' season!!
    Thank you so much, RT, and Merry Christmas to you as well! Apologies for delay, but was in Wichita this morning and wasn't around my computer until not long ago :) Sounds like you have grand melting pot Christmas going on! Enjoy!
    So yeah, now I'm going to spend the day trying to wrap my head around the idea that Gorby is, when you get right down to it, an American politician. THANKS, OBAMA!
    IT'S HAPPENING!!! OMG, I... I'm giddy. RAVE RAVE RAVE! Oh, and yeah, well done Pats so far :) From the looks of things, 2014 may -not- be the year of the Chiefs, so GO PATS!
    Ya! Friggin' woo! By the way, sorry about the Monday Night Football blowout. FWIW that bit me in the ass too because I -stupidly- had the KC defensive line starting for my fantasy team... with Tom Brady as my starting QB.
    I am actually a, hrm how to word this. I don't hate the Pats! In fact, I tend to cheer for them ambivalently as long as they're not playing the Chiefs. So yeah, I can't root for them, but I won't hate them if they win. It's not like they're the *R$^%@$@#! Raiders...
    Hey hey, I hope you know I was joking with that whole "subversive" thing! You surely know I greatly respect what you do, ya? (OR SHOULD I SAY DA?! hehehehe...)
    Not trying to be insulting, but it seems I have never been in a thread where you talk about what you do :D! I can see you are a volunteer regarding labor rights of some sort, would you mind telling me what you do so I don't awkwardly stumble around the subject
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