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  • Well, we could always change the site's URL to civfanatics.bg, but we'd have to force the current crop of CFCers to learn Cyrillic. Which would be a great plan, except that it's the wrong type fo Cyrillic. Tolni Noyon, what shall we do?
    I remember proposing to eventually nominate you as Khan of CFC Bulgars. At the very least you should be a Boyar now.
    Aaaaa! Your avatar is impossibly cool! I need to find a complementary Pip-Girl avvie.
    I write this here because the thread got closed.

    This is about Jews in Feudal European social order, of course.
    Jews were an ethnic group (with its own "national" religion - Judaism; and its own sacred language - Hebrew), who - after settling in various regions of Medieval Europe - became a social class (in European Feudal social order), because they occupied a certain economic niche and engaged only in certain professions, while not engaging in other professions. For example - there were hardly any Jewish farmers (peasants), which distinguished them from nearly all other European ethnic groups - in which majority of people were peasants and engaged in farming.
    You've passed the thousand-post mark, Mr. Tolni, in less than a year. If you continue on this path I shall nominate you as Khan of the CFC Bulgar tribes.
    Hey Tolni you wrote that you live in Eastern Europe. May I ask in which country?

    Serbia ???
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