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May 23, 2022 at 10:29 PM
Sep 26, 2010
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Little Rock
Ph.D, Comparative Imperial History

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Lord of the Community Patch, Male, from Little Rock

Gazebo was last seen:
Viewing forum Community Patch Project, May 23, 2022 at 10:29 PM
    1. timrtabor123
    2. HeroOfTheSword
      Hi G, long time Civ fan here. Just wanted to say that your constant work with VP is phenomenal! Thank you so much.
    3. Woldar
      Hi, don't know if that's on my side but I have a problem with downloading new version of CPP from https://mega.nz/#F!DMsxkDYI!zSpR9CHpmAfWyIvMXaN3pw. Could you check what's is going? Thank you for your hard work, really appreciate what you did with Civ 5
    4. alpibull
    5. bckirkup
      Gazebo; I really appreciate that you have taken the time to overhaul the AI in CivV. I've played Civ on and off since 1991; and AI behavior has been one of the largest limitations to enjoyment.
      I have a project regarding models of AI and would like to discuss stock CivV AI behavior in Only AI games. Thank you!
    6. Danishdynamite2
      Hi Gazebo, just wanted to say thanks for the vox populi mod. It took 10 days of my life, but it was 10 good days! I used to be able to beat the computer at difficulty level 7 (sometimes at least), but your mod is a whole other ball game. Had to work pretty hard to beat it at level 5. Brilliant, well-thought-through additions, awesome work. Easily a better game than the original. Thanks.
    7. mvegaca
      Hi! I already install the New Beta Version - August 19th (8-19). I have the same problem than with the other versions . When i begin a game, i don´t have strategic resources, luxuries, even no city-states...I don´t know why, because i don´t modify anything about that in the configuration. I have already install and configured the 6 mods por CPP . Could you take me a hand about where i have the problem?
    8. ryanmusante
      Three cheers for beers
    9. SLGray
      Thanks for creating and continue working on VP. The first post in the How to Install topic is messed up. I mean the links.
    10. Hillclimber
      What is Citizen management in interface options? I have asked in the forums and reddit, still no clear answer.
    11. alan_ktc
      Hey Gazeebo, I recently just installed your mod on my game (all dlc's and expansions included). All of the policies, UU, UB,etc are changed as it should be but all of my civ's Unique Abilities still retain their original versions. Any help?
    12. Erwiin
      Hi Gazeboo, Are there any compatible performance boosting mods which will boost the game's pace between the turns? It is almost unplayable for me and my friend to play CBP after 270+ turn at standard. Will the hosting on 3rd computer help? 3rd computer is way weaker but will be focused on the hosting.
    13. anl93
    14. ExpiredReign
      I seem to recall seeing you post something a little while ago about converting all the XML to SQL.
      The poor search functions here won't let me find anything like that so I'm checking the source.
      Are you still wanting to do this and do you have any specific structure you wish to adhere to if you are?

      I need a break from other stuff I'm doing and this sounds like my sort of thing.

    15. ilshur
      You seem like the expert here - How do i edit the min_city_distance within the various game files? it isn't just one value on one line like it is for most other mods. If you know what I mean and can easily explain it (i'm fairly good at troubleshooting, but i cannot seem to find the file that controls this mechanism within this mod, for some reason) please let me know

      otherwise, I'm loving it!
    16. Bromar1
      Hey G, I wasn't sure where to post this so I figured I'd just send you a PM. In my current game (Morocco, huge map, Level 5 difficulty with all the CPP mods and nothing else) the AI is acting really strangely. I just discovered all the major civilizations in the game and started the world congress and now they are all DoW each other for no apparent reason. There are two landlocked civs on different continents DoWing each other repeatedly. This is bad on its own but coupled with the new City State diplo unit immunity when at war is pretty frustrating. With all the Civs being at war with each other and all the city states locking me out of diplo, the game suddenly feels very punishing to a Diplo victory player.
    17. NarrativeKnight
      It has been a while since I have been back. The discussions died down and without ongoing replies I just figured I would come back later. My current problem is that the Mongolia UA has been changed back to CS surrender or my version of the mod is not up to date. Can you tell me which one it is so that I can fix this? It is totally ridiculous to have a CS half way across the map with no troops in sight suddenly surrender to Mongolia. Especially if I have a good sized army of my own in their general vicinity and I am sending diplomats to them to maintain ties. Thanks for the help.
    18. Hambil
      Just a big thank you for the CPP - I love it, great work. I tried something like that when I first showed up a couple years ago but just didn't have the energy/organizational skills. Truly fantastic.
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