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  • Hey, could I perhaps get details on that minecraft server? It's always fun playing with other NESers

    I have created a fantasy classic IOT by the name of Intrigue of Magic.

    Consider for great justice! :D
    Yes, that the phrase I was referring to. And I have to say, I am lucky that you joined as Brittany. It is more fun and better to have the hegemony of Southern Africa than to be an isolated Swiss like nation.
    By the way, in my orders I had Brittany to start construction of a Henry Line, something like the Stalin line, that would surround the entire border. I would recommend that you build it, because as the Romans say, if you want peace prepare for war.
    In CI, do you really want to re-join as Brittany? I am asking because I have already send orders and have done diplomacy.
    Saw this after responding in the game thread, sorry. But like I said, Nintz decided the USA has most of the East Coast, and reaches West through Michigan.
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