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Gem Hound
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Apr 27, 2020
Aug 24, 2011
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Dec 17, 1993 (Age: 27)
In the dark

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Gem Hound

Deity, 27, from In the dark

Gem Hound was last seen:
Apr 27, 2020
    1. Terrance888
      Bleh on SouthernKing's mistake.

      I still want you to answer those questions though.
    2. Terrance888
      It is on his visitor page.
    3. Terrance888
      "I'd like to restate that the next person who posts a visitor message here will be destroyed. Also, that I've ignored every visitor message ever posted."-EQ
    4. Terrance888
      I can change it, it's just that my perceptions of... um.. road network/trade/faith is way different.

      I've been waiting for you to rename it. I asked you the very first time I gave you the "generic" names too. I said "please rename them when you write the story" :p
    5. Terrance888
      It would be quite a wimpy moat, unless you paid more. I thought it would just be a redirection of a gigantic river already overflowing with water, not a pumping project for a half-anemic stream. :p
    6. Terrance888
      There is a river near your capital? Hwat?
    7. Terrance888
      In your original description. Do you want me find and quote it?
    8. Terrance888
      Are you sure? How are you getting the water for the moat then?
    9. Terrance888
    10. Terrance888
      Let's play as Singapore and Indonesia/Malysia. :D :p Joking.
    11. Terrance888
      Please please please don't fill up my PM box, I still need a dozen more orders.

      You don't have horses yet. Or even the idea of using mounts as weapons, really. Or even the idea of a mount.

      Like all barbarian raiders-when they face extreme resistance they shrug and go somewhere else while the main horde arrives, and unless a "civilized" force can stay together while the raiders raid behind their battle lines the C-force is screwed. This is the special time when the mere idea of using horses in battle arrive. In all likelyhood, you (and mabye even tycho) will survive, but much will be changed and the current balance will be tilted once more.
    12. Terrance888
    13. Daftpanzer
      Hey, I am finally sending orders for Dumonos. I am interested in the project you talked about to rival the Iron Lances, are you starting that this turn? For now, my plan is simply to expand north into unclaimed lands, as I seem to have vassilised or semi-vassilised the other powers in south Britain. My fleet will be in touch with news and trade.

      Cheers and good luck :)
    14. Terrance888
      Not necessarily. I suggest you pray to your Gods and convince us not to.
    15. Terrance888
      Sorry... maybe read the quoted post? It is basically describe the standard operating procedure for diplomatic encounters.
    16. Terrance888
      It is the third minigame.
    17. Terrance888
      Minigame is where you make a submission that matches the prompt and try to win a prize!
    18. thomas.berubeg
      The only thing That I MIGHT have an issue with is attacking Dublin
    19. SouthernKing
      I guess so, yeah. Or, you could just ask Jutland to shore it with you.
    20. Terrance888
      "I'd like to restate that the next person who posts a visitor message here will be destroyed. Also, that I've ignored every visitor message ever posted."

      DON'T TEMPT HIM!!!
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    Dec 17, 1993 (Age: 27)
    In the dark
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    The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in A Tale of Common Things
    Lesa in End of Empires
    Fascist Austria in The Bonaparte Legacy
    The Kingdom of Brittany in Capto Iugulum
    A player of NESCraft