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Dec 22, 2021
Nov 1, 2006
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Dec 22, 2021
    1. Synsensa
      frankly I am offended I didn't get a drunk message from you :'(
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      2. GoodEnoughForMe
        I am soooooory :(
        Mar 21, 2017
    2. Farm Boy
      Farm Boy
      Hehe! You're pretty excellent actually. I hope this is fun drunk. =D Let me know what we're drinking and I'll tie one on with ya.
      1. GoodEnoughForMe
        cognac, actualyl, and a bit too mcuh i am afraid
        Mar 20, 2017
      2. Farm Boy
        Farm Boy
        Just in case you need it now or later, is my goto for chilling the fawk out when I'm spent at the end. Ignore the *****y old men in the youtube comments. The music is the music. :)
        Mar 20, 2017
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    3. Lohrenswald
      How are you doing?
      America isn't doing to hot lately I'm seeing :(
    4. Lohrenswald
      I know this has been a thing for like two years now, but how do you feel about the whole thing where like the old very huge star wars canon (EU) was like totally wiped away?
      1. GoodEnoughForMe
        It was painful for a time, because it meant all the books and games and stuff I grew up with were, effectively, meaningless, but It was the right decision. Making movies while navigating the landmine of lore from the hundreds and hundreds of novels, comics, games, etc., would have been impossible, and either would have resulted in wholesale retcon or just flat-out ignoring previous canon.
        Jan 3, 2017
      2. GoodEnoughForMe
        Keeping track of all the different established lore would have been a near impossibility, and was already an issue the books had been having for years. So it was for the best to wipe the slate clean.
        Jan 3, 2017
    5. Lohrenswald
      1. GoodEnoughForMe
        That was the one and only thing my parents fully subsidized when I lived with them, so besides constant trips to the library and book store, I also find myself these days buying a seemingly endless supply of books on my e-reader.
        Oct 16, 2016
      2. Lohrenswald
        Guess I maybe should go more to the library. My town hasn't got one, but my schools did, and there's a couple nearby, not to mention university.

        But when it comes to bookstores, like
        1) I feel that they don't have a very wide range of options, but this might be because I've bought too few to get a keen eye because
        2) books are expensive lol :(
        Oct 17, 2016
      3. GoodEnoughForMe
        I get most of my books online now although I have membership at a chain of physical stores that gets me 20-30% off on most purchases which comes in handy. Library here sucks for fiction but has a good selection of non-fiction. Honestly the internet is making reading so much easier and cheaper now, so many classics are completely free to download from Amazon or Google.
        Oct 17, 2016
    6. Lohrenswald
      Bummed out the uni semester went down the drain (knew I had no chance on the exams so I didn't even do them). So basically the entire year's been a waste.

      Have been to a psychiatrist lately but it hasn't really helped much.

      I have like no resolve to try and make my life better or whatever. I just feel tired all the time.

      I've also been feeling sort of restless lately. I'm bored of the internet but too lazy to play video games or read or much less do anything productive (I felt sort of like a brat writing that).
      You know the way you talk about weekends? I feel sort of similarly about summer holidays, I think.

      Also I'm sort of too salty or something to really return to cfc or fiftychat. Have you been there lately?

      Although on the plus side I've started to take strolls outside and talk more with IRL friends again.

      How are you doing though? I hope our differences in the view on the british EU referendum hasn't torn us apart lol
    7. Lohrenswald
      I think this is the worst my life has ever been.

      Regarding school I've been doing so poorly I don't think there's any chance I'll pass. Which is someting I can't really come to terms with.
      I sort of have no motivation to even do anything.

      Also I've been struggling to sleep even 4 hours per night and my mother doesn't want to talk to me anymore.
    8. Lohrenswald
      It feels like I haven't heard from you in a while
      how are you doing?
    9. Lohrenswald
      I hope you didn't get a bad impression of fiftychat. I'd enjoy it if you hang around there, but you are of course free not to (it's your life etc.)
      unfourtunately I haven't been as active there in the past maybe month as I usually have, if that coloured your impression in any way.

      anyway no pressure
    10. Lohrenswald
      As far as I can gather I'm basically wasting youth so I dunno
    11. Lohrenswald
      I actually saw it on your wall and figured "oh well I'll let it slide"
    12. GoodEnoughForMe
      .... don't post drunk, kids
    13. Lohrenswald
      No don't worry. It's just like I procrastinate heavily. I've honestly felt pretty bad for not replying to you for so long :blush:

      As for the questions: School only started a couple of weeks ago, but it has felt like quite a slog so far. Especially a course which is all about working in the lab, where I kinda have no clue what's going on.
      also there's like three assignments every week so that's kinda hard

      also I've neglected my journal/diary-thing (which is kind of like your blog) which has been killing me

      dunno if that's the type of answer you wanted.
      I feel like I'm bad at questions about how I'm doing

      anyway how are you doing?
    14. Lohrenswald
      totes, yo

      you planning on coming by? :P
    15. Lohrenswald
      Well to be honest I want to say no
      I guess it would be dishonest to say the stuff I post about isn't at least partially about how I'm doing
      But I think I've explained to you about things bothering me?
      If not I can say more if you want to

      that was ramble-y
    16. Lohrenswald
      I'll do stuff with family I guess, which is getting more and more awkward really (divorced partents)

      I hope to do some introspection or something. Figure out something to do or some stance to take to make things less awful
      that's cryptic I guess, but that's what I've been thinking

      Except: not really christmas but 18th december I'm going to see the new star wars
      man I can't keep a consistent tone

      Are you doing anything tubular, yo?
    17. Lohrenswald
      I actually only started about a year ago. I've been trying to recall all those I've seen, and can only remember 7 series, all of which are fairly mainstream, I think. There's none I've seen I don't have any at least semi-major gripes with, so the lame answer is I thought Neon Genesis Evangelion, Death Note and Madoka Magica were mostly alright (maybe you hate them, I don't know).

      All my avatars are from a comedy series I love-hate. I'm kinda embarrased by it, I'll pm you the name.

      What's your favourites?
    18. Crezth
      Hey! Can't complain. Starting grad school, lots of research, heh. How was yours?
    19. Lohrenswald
      I saw the place promised in our early days. I have a bit mixed feelings, what with a couple of kids building a functioning plane and all.
      I'm not much of an expert in like analysing messages of litterature, so I'm not sure how well it all relates to like the human experience and whatnot.

      But overall I did like it. It's probably one of the better movies I've seen, I think.
    20. Lohrenswald
      All in all pretty well, I think
      I spend a week in Rome, which was a nice experience
      Other than that I got to relax, which is always something I like
      I did get to meet a bunch of friends, but not as much as I'd like (which is how it ends every summer)
      And there was kind of a project I wasn't able to do
      But all in all a good break that prevent me from doing bad at school afterwards :p
      How was yours?
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