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  • Yes, one could even argue that the Swiss did very well under Hodgson but you also survived the aftermath unlike we did. Though the starting position was also better. Our national team was mediocre with him & in shambles after him and Baxter really wasn't a man to fix it. So while the qualifier under Hodgson was decent with five 0-0 matches we were worse off after him - for long.
    The Swiss survivability clearly was greater than ours, all those knives etc. Of course there's limited talent etc but Hodgson's time here really isn't remembered warmly though we've been crap since 1912 and our best change of qualifying is Russia splitting few times more and the EC played by 64 teams. Any chance of the Swiss cantons having own teams to ease our path ?
    Oh yes highly entertaining game though my pov is pretty far from an average viewer so I might be too easily entertained. Anyway, I think Switzerland has survived the Hodgson legazy way better than Finland not it's hard in itself.

    The Age, it's just numbers... and declining of everything. A decade ahead here so unless I'm already seriously demented I should know.
    Almost a place for big gratz for advancing but now just an average+ gratz for an highly entertaining game. A massive improvement since the French encounter even if Santa Claus Senderos was excluded today.

    My warm condolences for the soon to come sudden ageing. After 35 it's just an endless uphill struggle - much like l'Alpe d'Huez on TdF. If I could remember a similar climb from Tour of Switzerland, I'd use that as an analogy but sadly I don't.
    No worries, much better with a slight delay than not at all besides as sort of icing on the cake I was a week away myself and moreover I've been wondering this years, occasionally - hardly a matter of life & death.
    I was just wondering why the Swiss are so good and part of international scene from the start as the Swedes surely wanted to spread the game here to easily crush the beloved neighbour and there's a logical connection between ice hockey & floorball for the Czechs.
    My own 'career' was short lived due to ankle & knee injuries but it was back in time when almost anyone with an ice hockey background could jump in for the top levels with relative ease - the skill differences were huge.
    Morning, greetings & all that kind of things. Besides ice hockey I noticed that you're a floorball enthusiast which itself is a novelty outside Sweden and Finland so few brownie points there. Anyway, I was wondering whether floorball arrived Switzerland as a competitive sport or as a sort of leisure school/university physical education activity?
    Locally it was originally a school fun which evolved into sport through unis. Back in the 90s it seemed that half of the people in campuses were carrying a stick. It also meant the final separation of competitive floorball and the more informal school version of it.
    I hope you weren't too busy and had some time to relax. I'm sure mod duties can get to be a handful on top of real life obligations.

    I haven't been too busy, it's been a pretty laid back summer which is a nice change of pace.
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