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  • Wonderful thing, your MOO1 university is there. All those colorful pics and statistical details. I've never played the game, but it looks fun in a Space Ghost: Coast to Coast kind of way.
    Yes. We use stones (and fractions thereof) for weighing people, unless you're having it done medically, at which point it's in Metric. Then again, we live to be odd like that. :)

    Incidentally, if you click on View Conversation and then respond, it will appear automatically on the other person's wall, so that they know you've responded.
    Here is the quote you are thinking of:

    "Question about Aussies - Do you use metric and Imperial (or US) units interchangably? (Oops I just betrayed my national origin. :blush:)"

    Mentioning Imperial units instead of English units pretty much gives away an origin in a British Commonwealth country. I am Canadian but I am currently living and working in the USA. Americans use English units and the big distinction is in the US Gallon.

    I use both systems, almost interchangably. My education was in [SI] Metric units, and my current workplace uses [US] English units. I have no idea how many times I have used numbers like 0.0254 or 0.225 in my calculations.

    ADDIT: When I think about it more, I was expressing weights and body mass in kilograms and pounds, but people from the UK use stones, right?
    So, you mentioned Metric and Imperial units in the Kent Hovind thread in WH. I assume then that you are British?
    Yes it is. I had the Klackon solider from Master of Orion because I was playing and posting a game here quite some time ago. I have not updated it in a while.
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