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  • I don't know how it actually played out in his mod, and I'm not sure on his implementation, but I assume he added many new minor civs that cover the independents of a particular area. Provided they have together the same amount of units as the previous independents, it's not much more of a resource drain and shouldn't impact gameplay at all. Actually I already plan to do something similar for flavour if certain minors are well known enough (Moors, Poles, Tamils ...).
    1) If you could compile everything together into a .txt file, that'd be fantastic

    2) Soon- say, a week?
    Lol, i thought it was dead and I had computer problems which left me unable to play civ for awhile. Been playing x-box, gears of war rules!

    I read through the thread and it looks like there is to get me back interested so you might be seeing me around again
    Not Europe; most likely I'll finish the inquisitor AI while working on the Middle East; if not I';ll finish that first. Then map changes, especially the new resources.
    Probably tonight

    Check the current last post of Synthesis periodically, I'm editing that with stuff I'm adding
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