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  • Maybe you could set someone up as Interim GM. Or maybe just warn everyone that you're disappearing, and promise that you're coming back.
    Then you'd better watch out for ethnocentrism. Especially regarding language families, or the proposals thereof.
    Yes. On the bright side, I get showered with ice cream. :) Including gift cards to Dairy Queen and Wendys Frosties. ;)

    Good Luck on your reeboot! And yes, I knew you were joking.

    I'm not sure I can do torrid, but I will probably try. It will have to wait for a few days, however. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out and won't be able to think to write. You know, pain from the empty teeth sockets. ;)


    Land Ho! Question:

    If I do become Aragon-Aquitane, I have a question about relations. Could I have some sort of situation where I marry off a princess that I designate my heir to, say, Savoy-Milan's heir and then when my king "dies" the two realms unite and I get to play as the new nation?

    Yes/No/Are you crazy, of COURSE not!
    The trolling shall never stop!
    Immortalized by epic songs and poems in the internet, he will stand as the true troll forever!

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