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  • Yea I saw your name on all the packets. And Sarahngelo was nagging on me for knowing you and Phil from the internet.

    I almost feel like writing for these guys would be more fun than playing except that obviously they wouldn't want or need me hahaha
    Well, I'm certainly trying. I feel like going in and trying to read Cien años de soledad is rather like learning to swim by jumping into the deep end of the pool. I have a hard time picking up on the nuances of the text sometimes, but I think that has more to do with Márquez cramming as much content as he possibly could in every one of his sentences. I am getting it, it's just a very very slow process for me. :)
    true, but late antique Romans certainly knew how to make jokes that even I would laugh at

    see: collection of essays edited by G. Halsall, Humour [sic], History, and Politics in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
    it's possibly the best unfunny comedy ever

    like, it is legendary among late antiquarians for how unfunny it is
    like Dachs I really liked your "I would die of old age before coming up with an answer" answer.
    From what very little I do know, Fields does mostly Osprey books. Doesn't necessarily mean anything bad, because Osprey books are written by Real Published Academic Historians, Good Historians with Doctorates who Need Work, and Popular Historians who Might or Might Not Have a Degree in History. Never read any of his stuff myself. It's probably worth a shot. See if you can locate Goldsworthy's biography of Caesar, though, that's pretty good re: Caesar vs. Pompey.
    All the elements of his courtship and anything else he could possibly have done. The point was to mock-demonstrate inevitability, and to do that I had to say that there was literally nothing he could do in addition to the things he actually did do.
    cause iiiiiiiiii wanted to fly so you gave me your wiiiiiings
    and tiiiiiiiime held its breath so i could seeeeee yeahh
    you set me free
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