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Civ4 Difficulty Level
Civ5 Versions
Civ4 Versions
  1. Special Edition
  2. Regular Edition
  3. Warlords Expansion
  4. Beyond the Sword Expansion
Civ3 Versions
  1. Civilization III
  2. Play the World
  3. Conquests
Civ2 Versions
  1. Civilization II
  2. Fantastic Worlds
  3. Test of Time
Civ1 Versions
Col Versions
  1. Original (1994)
  2. Remake (2008)


Civ4: Fall from Heaven II (forum) (webpage), FfH: Age of Ice
Civ5: Queen of the Iceni, Legions, Modders Guide to Civilization V
Firaxis: Civilization V (design consultant)
Stardock: Fallen Enchantress (lead designer), Sins of a Solar Empire (producer), Dead Mans Draw (lead designer), Galactic Civilizations III (designer/producer), Ashes of the Singularity (designer), Offworld Trading Company (producer), Star Control: Origins (designer), Siege of Centauri (lead designer/producer)
Current Project: undisclosed


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