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    Civ 6 drops below Civ 5 on Steam

    Yeah, I was really excited about CIV 6 release. I played for a good month, but now, I just can't bring myself to launch the game anymore. A combo of bad Earth Map released and uncompetitive A.I. + the lack of communication or/of an explanation about why the game was rushed; made short work of...
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    What are your thoughts on the Granary?

    If I use my capital to spam Settler, I will build or buy a Granary right after completing Pottery.
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    What's the Civ 6 equivalent of National College? (The OP thing to rush ASAP)

    Everything Abraxis said + doesn't have to be in your capital + civic 15% bonus to wonder + autocraty 10% (+1 x/turn). Make it a solid first item to build in a new proxy city which have some, a lot, or just one desert tile. + every 3 charges used after the Pyramid is like a huge hammer discount...
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    Things learned that make the most difference in your success?

    tip #1 You can Pin stuff on the map, this one is obvious, but sometime it's help manage your empire and help remind what vision you had for that city. Great Zimbabwe come to mind. tip#2 If you really like your starting area, save the map before taking any actions. You can then play your next few...
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    Autocracy yield bonus - or lack thereof

    What I like from Autocraty is the bonus to wonder construction, which is not restricted to your capital.
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    Best way to grow a colony?

    There is also a mods about extra city yield from sea ressources and ports, it's pretty good and buff something oversighted imo. The Lighthouse grant +1 Food to every sea tiles, I think the next upgrade is one extra gold for every sea tiles etc.
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    To hill or not to hill

    What I do is buy the third ring tile with my settler#1 for 50 gold instead of 75g. (5 space between city in a L shape) About manual intervention, to me it's about locking tiles in a balanced way, not entirely food nor production, but the best balance between turn and growth and what I'm trying...
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    What's the Civ 6 equivalent of National College? (The OP thing to rush ASAP)

    I feel that early on the Pyramid is something you want to shoot for, 1 charge for Massonry Eureka, 2 charge to chop forest and that benefit your whole empire until the end. Battering Ram and Ancient wall being the cherry on the sundae.
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    About barbarians

    Hum, this make me thinkof Game of the Month 2 with Gorgo. If you didnot scout your island early to clear the camp, by turn 40 I would get stormed by massive barbarian army. Instead, when I made a team to care of them, I would be able to expand and own the whole island b4 turn 100. My suggestion...
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    Best way to grow a colony?

    In your example, you mention a city with a lot of crab and fish with very few production. You either buy a worker or have some ready to improve those sea ressource, then you queue a commercial district / port / (sewer if you have a lot of luxury). All that plus one mill or being under IZ...
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    Please Delete Scythia From The Game

    It's comedown to who have the critical mass of ranged unit.
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    Tips for a war

    I think you said it, you will require a naval force to support your land army. Or you could try to spawn a Great General to give you that slight bonus to change the tide in your favor. But the way I see your game right now, make some navals units, try to get a Great Admiral. or bee-line for...
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    Please Delete Scythia From The Game

    I might be wrong because I only play vs AI right now, but Archer shut down horsemen rush pretty hard. They cost less, they are obtained earlier, they have range and pretty good upgrade in term of dps. And about Spearmen / Hoplite, you are not supposed to attack with them (imo). Fortified on a...
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    i get ahead but just cant seem to win the game- it feels like sim city

    aye, you will actualy get a lot better the more turn you have in you. And learn how to get even more ahead with early civic like 100% bonus on campus and trick like this. In some game you really want but 4-5 Tall cities that do all the conquering around ending with something like 5 settled city...
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    To hill or not to hill

    It's fine vs the AI. But vs a human opponent you better going for something you can defend easily. I used to play a lot of Civ MP and "being played" by a stronger player always pissed me off, thus I had to learn a lot ^^ I have not played Mp at all in civ 6, but I believe I would always open...
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