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  • Thanks for cross-posting to Reddit! I assumed my original thread was dead on arrival after no one replied to it for a few days. Now I've got a lot of catching up to do!
    Just letting you know that I wrote a post for you in the love-life-thread and because it meant so much to me and I hoped it may for you in the future I had to make sure you see it :)
    You sound a bit like those people who watch The Truman Show and then start believing that someone's spying on them.
    A system that doesn't get hit is superior in a hostile environment to one that takes hits and maybe survives. Compare F-117 vs. F-15. There's also the problem that modern tank armor doesn't defeat peer munitions (APFSDS, RPG-29, etc.) and main battle tanks are generally too heavy to rapidly airlift around and need to be prepositioned to be easily deployed. There's also the problem that air power is now the primary killing mechanism of war.

    The tank isn't really obsolete but it is of limited utility.
    Yo ex-Cleric, you should consider joining my NES. I need to fill a southern islander house on the fringes of the kingdom.
    I don't really know much about its EW suite, to be honest. Considering that's one of the most fiddly bits as far as tech goes, I wouldn't be surprised to see it come in last though.
    The USN and USAF versions don't even have the VTOL system; the three variants are more like three closely related planes than one plane over three services. Another difference is say, the F-35A (USAF) carrying a 25mm Vulcan cannon.

    The F-35A winds up doing roughly the same things as the F-16 and F-15E for USAF, the F-35B replaces the Harrier II (which was always a kludge) and F-18A-D (which are all horribly obsolete anyway) for USMC, and F-35C replaces the F-18A-D for USN. Basically everything it's replacing is 30-40 years old and, other than the F-16 (and some F-15 roles), not really that good.
    You'd think if anybody was going to be critical of the plane, it'd be the people who are going to fly it, but it's always random civilians. It's interesting to me that if, for example, you click the link to "Stillion and Perdue’s August 2008 war simulation," that article doesn't even mention the F-35, and is about amphibious landings, not a computer simulation.

    "Ten years from now, [Lt. Gen.] Bogdan concluded, 'people will look back and they’ll go, ‘What was all the fuss about? This is a darn good airplane.’'"

    There was also, of course, the interest in the F-35 being the first plane capable of holding combat diode lasers, though little's been said about that since 2002-2003.
    Yeah- its the same for everyone. Its supposed to be hard resource-wise - you know- cause of the "not apocalypse" and all that.

    Very much looking forward to your stories though!
    Kovacs in particular, and Hamilton less so, are a bit ambitious about mind-uploading and swapping around, and that's probably not fitting for a 21st century style setting, but could still be useful for geopolitical stuff. The Transhuman Space RPG books might be a good reference point.
    To the point on C, have you read the Kovacs Trilogy, Eschaton series, or any of Peter F. Hamilton's stuff? The former two have a bunch of examples of technologically inferior hellhole planets and the latter sets up some interesting conflict-ladden nationally divided planets due to the first multiethnic colonization efforts in The Night's Dawn trilogy (Felicity and Nyvan). Could be useful for inspiration.
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