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  • I love crumpets!! I also have to wear glasses even though only one eye is bad, so a monocle would be nice. Do I get tea and beer too?
    I didn't say what I was going to bury you in, or when. It could be praise, pointless NES diplo, money, left winter gloves, you will never know when or what to expect for the rest of your life. I'd put my bet of the pointless NES diplo if I was you though.
    Might be good for you to do that, especially since we're quickly getting into an alliance. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes.
    Also dude, do you have AIM by any chance? It would make communication much easier. You can add me(Fireevild) if you do.

    If you have MSN that would work too.
    Sorry to not get back to you, but how you get into ANY NES is just ask. Most likely the Mod (person running the game) will say yes.
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