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  • Ha ha.

    "Okay, I'll just go return my masters degree in economics of video games and stop consulting for game companies because clearly, someone with 4200 posts on a message board just put me in my place."

    "Probably a good idea since you chimed in without even knowing the economy of the game let alone who I am. "

    I was going to tell him, 'Yes, he did, and yes, you should.'
    I actually liked the "return the salt" comment from someone else; seemed right.
    I'm having a bit of trouble with a G+K emperor game, and I would appreciate it if you would take a bit of your time to help.

    OK, here's the deal: I'm on standard continents map as China. I've researched all but 3 techs in the modern era. I'm making 416 bpt, 175 gpt. It's in early-to-mid turn 300's. My main threat on the continent is Arabia - I'm at war with them, and it's going to take a while to plow 100+ defense cities.

    Now, here's my main concern. Russia is on another continent half a world away, and is steamrolling towards a science victory. Entered the info era 10 turns ago, finished Apollo project 10 turns ago. It's gonna take me at least 50 turns to kill Arabia AND reach her - time I'm afraid I don't have.

    Now, here's the good news. Attila, Theodora, and Greece, DOW'ed her last turn. I don't want to press my luck but I do need your advice. How should I go about killing Russia? What techs should I research next? What victory should I pursue? Is this game salvageable?
    Patiently awaiting your updated articles! Would love to see a Persia LP next if you're up for it = )
    I know people have been asking for a war centric game too, so this might be a fun opportunity.
    Dude I still haven't won on diety yet despite watching a few of your vids. You must be cheating or something :p

    Your vids are excellent, great work. I think I just need a bigger brain
    Just wanna say you're like a legend in the other parts of the intrawebz when it comes to civ5, and your vids have been very educational in helping me improve my playstyle!
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