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  • Fault in Our Stars, I assumed that's where the Amsterdam thing is from :3 (assumed 'cause as I said, haven't seen it)
    It was not as much on the appearance as on the undefinability of that smile, which I find puzzling and I still don't know how to describe. I mean in your profile picture you have a smile I would define as frank and open, I guess. It seems natural. The one in your last photos, though, they look forced so they make me unsure. I may have tried to project my insecurity as garrulous humour to make it somewhat less visible on its own but as a device.
    I apologise if you were offended. I honestly wasn't serious, I was trying to joke on the smile that doesnt look very natural. Thats all. Please, if I offended you, forgive me. You actually look pretty nice, if I haven't said it in the thread.
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