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  • Aww :( It was a picture of the train from a couple years ago that I posted in a derailed CiV thread. Apparently the thread was deleted :p
    My guess is that "howdy mate" is mighty Prophane and Superstitious :D Therefore ...........Howdy Mate ! ^^ I will not however be courageous enough to say : "how do You do" so You nor Mr. Bob (that's PimpBob ... shaken , not stirred) have nothing to worry about, diplomaticaly (if that's even a word) I would say .... Hi ^^
    I always enjoy your posts, MulattoMaker. That's why I need to befriend you, so you'll always have one of those strange red crosses following you around.
    I have extended invitation to friends because I saw the error of my ways (of not inviting Mr. Bob - that's Pimpbob - "Shaken, not stirred") to my friends sooner. Now I apologize for that and humbly ask for Mr. Bob signature (here, here aaaand here ^^) :D Marry X-mas to You ! ^^
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