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  • Math doesn't belong in the Civilized world, as a cheapskate who jumps from place to place and claims Americanism, he's an IMPERIALIST!
    I saw you in the Stories and Forums thread, and in your current activity in your profile it said you were looking in at the thread.
    Math, I saw you looking at Realpolitik Civ. I have to ask, what party are you thinking for joining?
    Not too bad once I realized i overacted a few days ago. Other than that and German class, which i'm currently failing, i'm doing very well!
    Thanks! I definitely am going to be careful about where and who and what I post from now on. And you definitely did help, thank you for the kind words!
    its ok. i just felt it could have been a bit more civil. i apologize for getting a bit too crybabyish. and yes i do understand my error now
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