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  • Sorry, I just went off the orders you sent in the PM.
    Usually if you want to change something you put in a PM its best to send another one.
    The entire roman economy is centrally planned?

    In any case all that means is Roman planners don't understand the ins and out of economic planning. However, Russian employs decentralized planning rather than centralized. The practicality of a system cannot be determined by one failed state.
    It isn't the job of Russia to teach Rome about its own economic system - especially given that Russia wants it(the economic system) destroyed(Because Russia is communist).
    in reference to:
    "(OOC: poor budget plan? you realize that the budget plan i posted was the best i could come up with? im not even a good RPer, so just forgive any mistakes. im trying to post how im reviving the Economy.)"

    Don't take it personally. I'm acting in-character.
    Arguing over trivial matters takes up useless fluff room that could be better supplied by good stories. What you and Joan just argued about is nothing near 'diplomacy'.
    I home Rome has full stocks on the work of Lord Byron! We are going to smash some plates! :D
    We stand.

    Remember; Russia will scare you. They proclaim being a "economic giant." They forgot the USA and Vietnam in the 20th century.

    Money does not determine victory. It is but one of the many resources. Moral is a bigger one and the defender has that.

    ...Japan is more akin to Russia is it not? Their help may... prove problematic, even in the best of times. They did after all do the "Empire of Vietnam" trick...
    No Rome... the UAR will honor. Indonesia is up for it. Germany is keen to see Greece free... and the People's Militia exist only to free the former parts of the Platonic Republic.

    You are not alone. Even if you are alone you can fight them with guerrilla tactics. Russia is not some god; your failures in Japan can have links to logistical error. You will be in your home turf. If Russia invades you they will be only placing on their heads "PLEASE UN: JOINT ATTACK ME!"

    Keep the route close; stand up to Russia. Tell them they should not war but rather leave the former Platonic Republic so that a UN purpose peacekeeper force, a purpose you can set up, can take its place. This force will help with the referendum and in ensuring that the people can set their own civilian armies.

    To this end; you have a opportunity to stop your former friend being turned into yet another tool of madness.
    Being a threat to Roman security is a reason to close the channel and if they declare war their defense pacts would be mute and your defense pacts will be activated.

    The navy base is not in their land.

    You need to show sovereignty, less you end up their boot-lick.

    Trust me; once Greece is made a puppet Rome will have to consult with Russia to please Russia at Rome's expense, while the UAR suffers from yet another authoritarian power at its doorstep, only this time it is not a local force but a imperial presence using a puppet.
    Closing it would hinder reinforcements and more importantly supplies; those troops need their ammo etch.

    As for St Petersburg; closing will then also delay resources... to our benefit.

    Finally annoying Russia is not the concern; they deserve to be punished for their imperial puppet making of Greece.
    You may have to close the Black Sea to the Russians; that may stop the disaster that is upholding by denying the war machine its oil.

    Confrontational I know but it is that or the peoples of Greece suffering under a imperial puppet of a authoritarian government that is just as bad as the Platonics and has the same level of arrogance.
    Because there was still a good sized Turkish population on the island. Because they wanted protection that no other Mediterranean power could offer them. Because they were cut loose by the nation that once protected them. Could be any number of reasons
    The Cypriots had a referendum and then appealed to UAR membership. Rhodes had a referendum and decided independence wasn't right. Just because you tell someone to be independent does not mean they will want to be.
    The Platonic Republic will be removed. Power to the People's Militia! Freedom for the oppressed!
    Then you better hope the People's Militia is to be limited... I am bored with the Platonics. case you may have missed I am most likely not going to play as the Platonic Republics till the end. The People's Militia will go after the Platonic's lackey, then form the IOT14 version of the SUDS.

    I am afraid that you spilled your doom with the whole "no heir" thing. The People's Militia will gladly adopt a union of Arabs, Greeks, Italian, Turks and others. A international post-state order may indeed be born.
    Have you heard of my past nations I played in IOT? Especially of the Socialist Union of Democratic States/Societies or the SUDS. Who ever gets to be premier (we could role-play as the biggest political parties ;) ) we are stronger together, less we fall alone.
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