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Jul 5, 2010
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    1. kenwyn
      Re new"Bak2Bak" PBEM: Seems we have to choose normal leader/civ combos.
      What R your thots? Shaka/Zulu?(good 4 war & pillaging early) MM/Mali?(good finance+religion) Darius/Persia (finance+great UU) MehII/Ottoman(5 half price bildngs+excellent mid-game UU)
      Note: This new player, Really Evil Muff seems like a sure war-monger. Others all seem good, smart, balanced players... unless U know otherwise?
    2. Michkov
      Please send me the excel file. I've got to look over the options but if we go with islands mapscript the Vikings would do well I think.

      Also for further discussion send me an email, I check there more often than CFC
    3. kenwyn
      Re: Bak2Bak set up choices...
      i'm thinking Tokugawa=Aggressive(Combat1, 50% barrack) & Protective(City1+Dril1, 50%wall & castle)
      India=(Mining+Mysticism) Fast Worker (0/3/60) (+1 move) &Mausoleum (jail) +2 happy

      What are your thots? If desire, i can pik a Financial/Culture leader/civ & U can do the military stuff?
    4. kenwyn
      OK teamate what R your thots both how to approach this contest?
      What sort of mixture of civ UU & UB's & leader traits do U like/think we should ask/go for?
      I have a rather useful matrix of these done in MS Excel which can help choosing. If U'd like, i can email to U.
      I definitely like Financial trait & early UU's & someone that gets half-off buildings. Since it seems there will be no limitations on city swap/gifting, 1 of us can build half-off buildings & then gift city back. (;-]
      Be smart to have at least 1 of us with Protective &/or Aggressive for producing good military units while other focuses on research & culture(?).
      I will ponder on a choice for me & report bak here.
    5. Ayatollah So
      Ayatollah So
      about the Triple A game:
      Do you have any preference for which Axis power(s) to be? I think someone should play Germany+Italy and the other person Japan.
      Do you have any Axis&Allies game experience? If not, I could send you a saved game of me vs. Illram, we've played 2 games now. You can "view history" and see what we did - which was pretty smart on both our parts in the last game, I think.
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