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  • With me in the fray a certain unnamed mod will probably jump in in a matter of seconds if he is on. Otherwise I just get another infraction!
    I hope Brennus keeps it up so Lief will close the thread. I got so sick of nothing happening in it that I made my very first report. Being a tattle tale doesn't sit well with me though. :S
    ¸It is causing to much frustration in the much older members. -.-

    ZZZ, I don't understand what's the deal of the frustration. I'm am old member too (technically a lurker way back 2008) and I'm not flustered.
    Of course! I always re-roll until I get an all brown cow start! But yea that really finished me trying to make him realize for me. I knew he didn't have a clue about any map where you are cramped for space, but when he said you can win with his strategy with every Deity start I gave up.
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