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  • Awww stop being angry...I'm jesting as usual.
    And Duckweed knows to play amazing deity games too. Oops. My bad.

    Seriously, who cares!
    It's just the CIV has reached perhaps a new level of entropy. In the far past, winning a map was utmost respect. Now, it has reached point optimum play is awesome thingy like that.

    But as long you have fun in your CIV games, that's what really count. I don't understand you get so annoyed by such a friendly forum.

    BTW, still envying you. ;)
    We know we know. Mids are occasionally great. And I say that before you say your own comment on the thread you are right now reading.

    EDIT: I was just jesting. my my.
    DanQ is making a polycast on girl gamers and I found it weird he forgot you and thought of me based on Lymond's (and everyone) imaginative allegations.

    That picture you uploaded long ago should have settled your gender.
    Okaaaay. I don't need to know what's happening in your team.
    Did she just quit for personal reason? You see, that really uninformative of what's going on in your team.

    To me, for the 3 SGOTMs, it is a rare event someone drops like that...officially especially.
    What does ..... mean! I know I am amazingly smart but I can't read minds! :3 But yea this has gotten suspicious.
    I bet BQ is stopping the AI from winning Lib, and culture. There is no way in hell you can win Lib at 920 AD, and culture at 1935 AD with out stopping the AI.
    Yeah, my wall was sort of... empty :) BJ guy is funny... and the bad thing is they can become obsessed with these strategies so they'd feel helpless without the Mids to back them up...
    BQ is really begging for me to report his thread again. Almost every post it seems he is attacking vran for reporting it before when I did it.
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