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  • Wow only 150 Deity games or so? I have more than that on my old hard drive where they are just needing to be finish with all my nice units. It's nice to see you are still raging at the god of Civ, Torchlight 2 has stolen all of my Civ time away for the moment.
    I didn't read the whole thing. It seems only Tachy thought it was about me.
    Point about hypocrisy still exists. I did disapprove flaming BQ while in some other threads in the past, I was equally irritated and rude to someone else.
    Lol. Have I missed some things or have I missed some things.

    You guys are right. I often am hypocritical. But isn't everything relative?

    Krikav got it right. I felt sorry for BQ being attacked from all sides and spared him from at least my side. I still don't like his tactic and shoved superiority of BW to the world in a way that will not repel anyone new to the game and the forum much more than flames. If we were talking about that tactic in person, I'd probably lose my patience, but this is a text so I can be more tactical. If some bigger flaming blocks formed, I'd join BW block too, but this was a gangbang and it feels like playing civ on settler, and not in HoF purposes. Didn't you hear about: Your small nation poses no real threat to us diplo modifier?

    I hope you'll win bronze.
    And I hope your game gets neutral in terms of luck. :)
    Out of curiosity, how many deity games on approximation did you partially to fully played?
    You often refer to >100 deity games, so I'm asking myself.
    The stuff he says is comedy gold. I am not sure who he has on the record as a believer though, as most the people who "sided" with him still don't believe it is a good thing to do. XD
    Talking about shakabrade being hypocritical? First, the world works decently because of hypocrisy and without it, it is constant wars.

    Personally, hypocrisy or not, I feel his personal views put more in perspective although myself I still find Brennus.Quigley theory almost absurd. I respect shaka's efforts into this even though maybe futile. Anyways, who cares about hypocrisy when results are there: Brennus is wrong and BW case presented by Shaka was conclusive!

    A good lesson in life: stay neutral to hypocrisy because putting too much attention to it will pushes someone to hate the world. Everyone lies. Stay put on results instead, not motivations.

    *oh I feel for once intelligent*
    Rofl he just made me lawls pretty good. He goes you can't get the Oracle in your second city on IMM. Then he shows him failing it because he techs masonry to hook up marble, and doesn't have BW. XDDDD To good.
    He's not even succeeding at trolling. He has yet to get on my nerves. All he has done is act stupid, and be stuck in I'm right you're wrong.
    You know what it misses in the frame for a perfect picture: TMIT. He would know how to deal him given he's the best in how to argue. For some reason, he is no longer.
    Ah ZZZ. It is simply a matter of definitions. Brennus.Quigley is talking for 95% of players who doesn't care about true competition and/or hard gaming. That is why the confrontation. It took time myself to realize it.

    An unfocused new by player will put all his/her energy on wonders when it is not necessary for a win nor efficient (unless one levels this efficiently like Obsolete). Same here. Too much focus on a simple benefit and ignoring all others.

    Myself I'm obsessed with cheesy worker stealing, but it didn't take me aeons to realize on deity it is utter crap to do this unless a particular situation favors you.

    Oh I spammed Mylene. Sowwy. :3
    OMG HE'S DONE IT AGAIN. He thinks we are worse players for not using lucky huts, and trollvents! This guy to real.
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