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  • I'm having some trouble with nexus.
    Could you lend your expertise?
    I posted on the "Nexus Viewer Help???" thread
    I've been searching for answers and have read "the tools of the trade" pdf
    and I'm stumped on how to fix it.
    Hi, Nutty,
    I've been making my own version of Ethnic Diversity specifically for Vox populi,
    and am writing now to ask whether I could release it in the VP thread with credit
    given where it's due.
    Sailor Clueless
    I did it up just like your guide outlined, but there are still hand-axes in my games.
    My reason for doing this is that while using the Community Patch mod, I've noticed that the only barbarian unit that ever spawns in the early game is the hand-axe. As you can imagine, this is a serious nerf when playing as the Germans.
    Thanks for your help, but I guess it was not to be...
    Don't give up that easily! There must be an XML error. Make a new thread in the main Creation & Customization subforum and zip up and attach what you've done so we can take a look at what you may have done wrong.
    Heya nutty have you found any possible solutions to my problem yet? I can run EU now so maybe the problem lies either in RED or my Computer. Maybe the scaling or formations? Sorry if you found me annoying
    Hi Nutty
    You mention a new version of R.E.D. modpackhere. I can't seem to find any download link anywhere. Could you provide me with one?

    Nutty -- I'm getting a very strange error message about that city-pooulation script; do you know what might be causing the problem and how to solve it, please?
    Thanks Nutty, you had it exactly right. I needed to drop the text into the code box rather than wrap a code box around an existing chuck of text. Hopefully that will be the last silly formatting question!
    That's a cool idea, but do you think you can get the word out in just one month (especially the crazy month that December tends to be)?
    I'm contemplating doing a "blender unit-making class" in San Diego over xmas break in a classroom at the SD Library or something. Do think there are enough SoCal modders out there to be interested?
    IIRC you tried putting wonders in as tile improvements but they only show one stage. Was it half built or built?
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