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  • heh ~ funny that all this is happening w civ6 coming out. rex just emailed me after a year or two of no communication btwn us.
    i'm on just as irregularly as well, am definitely getting ciVI and an SG might be just the thing to learn the basics (if everyone gets it ~ otherwise, ill have to dust off 4 and we can see what's what).

    things going well here as well ~ good to hear on your end too.
    heya oz! was just trolling the forums re Civ6 and saw that you'd been on ~ how's it going? counting down the weeks till 6?
    It doesn't make the save invalid, but does give alarming red alerts on Game Settings option.
    First time, it happened to me a year ago, I was running like a headless chicken.
    Yeah, that's the one. Weird how start file function reacts, but I guess this is some bug just as creating colonies makes the saves invalid for HoF submission, which is wrong.
    Anyways, thanks. This game gotta be my cheesiest one evaaa~~~. :3
    Do you have an idea what might cause "map already used" making my save failing the test?
    I haven't reloaded at all and it was a hand generated map played right from the start.

    I think that sucks it fails given I played fair.
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