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  • Heya yourself!! Only get on the forums very irregularly so only just saw this. Bizarrely, just played my first game of Civ IV in many many years over the weekend (AW of course). Things going well, hopefully for you as well. If you ever feel the need for another SG, I'm in!!
    haha ~ idk how to PM...didn't know it changed. back for a game? new one starting and all the ol' boys are askin' for ya.... [see ph17]
    alright ~ i'm going OOP monday for at least a week, and then again (maybe) a week or so later, so maybe towards the close of august?? idk ~ we'll see but i'll reserve spots 2 and 3 for you guys.
    Given what happened to us in PW-02, I would think that the Pontifex maximus idea would be hard.... ( unless we nuke everyone else :D )...

    The guns idea looks good
    Three of Seven is a bit similar to an old PH game (wonderland), don't like AP but Mehmed (better than Suleiman) with Guns seems like a good one.
    In any case, here's some more ideas

    * “Three of Seven” ~ no religion, true culture (no slider use), ie, artists and wonders; 21 wonders, 7 in each big 3, 7 from each era (Ancient, Medieval, Modern); Augustus??

    * "Guns Make a Man" ~ game w/Suleiman, must declare on 1/2 the rivals @ gunpowder, w/no peace until they are all dead/vassalized/etc. Then, we declare on the remaining AI. Two world wars; must win by total victory over our rivals

    * "Pontifex Maximus": true AP win ~ every city (yours and AI) must have AP vote religion; small, normal, Pangaea; need strategy; pick opponents??
    okay, so i tried to sneak back for a bit of anonymous SGing w/o all the sarcasm... [see Terpiss]

    so shoot me :D
    But for how long??? I will be in the market for a new SG soon as I reclaim some Civ time.
    yeah, yeah, yeah :D

    ruminating on a new SG . . .

    my brother hooked me up with a crummy, older computer.
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