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  • Noticed you want to give honor opening another go - most of my civ V LP are slight variations of honor/commerce with various degrees of success..

    Dutch , America, Zulu, Americax2, Sweden , Bizantyum , Ethiopia, Inca and Mongolia .. While I'm far from an expert on the matter there is a servere lack of better material (which I would recommend instead) except light clerics germany LP (but at the end he chickened and opted out of what could've been epic panzer spam)..
    my middle mouse button ate a rage fist in an ironman wizardry VIII game so my ability to scroll/zoom is out of comision
    Hah yeah, that's a comprehensive answer ;) Anyway, like I said, everyone for their own prefences and that really isn't mine but I should also say that I while playing I zoom out way more than you do so I see that same info without the info panel. For me the research info is more important.

    I briefly tried the same UI mod that Acken & co are using but I didn't have the time or will at that point to configure it properly so skipped it for but will try again with more time and yeah, the 1000 char limit bugs me, too. Good luck with the rest of the game.
    Greetings from a CA to a Keshik.

    Since I already finished my Keshik fun I took a look at yours as I extremely have done an Honor start and one, mainly irrelevant, thing caught my eye - after founding the 2nd city you switched the info panel to city view instead of the more common research view. Do you actually play with the city view or just a memory lapse in this case?
    I'm a prisoner of my own weird habits but that just seems to occupy half the screen without providing any extra information.

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