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  • Hi, I wish to change my thread title in this thread

    Because it is original is an OCC write up, but then I realize it is a very powerful EE game. So I would like to add " Espionage Economy" into the thread so maybe someone will need a good reference about EE.

    So the full name will be " [BTS] Write-up for OCC Deity, Clash of War/Peace Mongers, Espionage Economy"

    Thanks a lot.
    I have a question, I am looking for a REALLY old thread of mine from back in 2007, can I find something like that easlity or do I need to pound through all of the posts?
    That is actually a setting of Blue Marble . It has a tab for graphics and other for letter font + UI color and opaqueness ... My setting are Silver @ 1/4 opaqueness ( IIRC that is 72 in the BM interface ).
    Hey man.

    I saw you posted this screenshot in a thread.

    I'm really interested in the transparent UI/Theme you have, I've looked everywhere for a good one and this one looks awesome. Would you know where I could download it? :D
    Because it is quite a time and no answers...and you seem to know the subject: is there any news on that subject? Copper+rivers.
    Greetings, I haVe started a thread in "Stories & Tales called "Writing in Gunpowder".
    This thread has 4 separate writers controlling their own Civiliizations.

    I would like to create an ongoing Poll so readers might cast their vote for thier favorite writer/story. Is this possible?
    With this thread I am slightly confused how the guy can be banned, I can still see his avatar?
    Thanks. I do not consider it of so much importance , though ... it only means more unpaid work, after all :D
    Thanks for the answer about airports. Honestly, I wished I had the power to erase that thread once I discovered the truth with testing. Ouch.
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