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  • Just wanted to thank you for all the work you've put into the bios. It has really made my job a lot easier.
    Khalistan: Long have the Sikh's yearned for independence from India. The Collapse seemed to be the perfect oppurtunity for such a thing. After a short war between the tottering Indian Republic, and a few Sikh communities, Khalistan's independence was guaranteed, under rule of a council of Sikh Gurus. In order to insure it's independence focus has shifted greatly from domestics to military, as many are claiming that Khalistan has one of the best armies in Asia, if not the world.

    Something short, with a basic outline of the nation, as above. It's really just away for new players to be able to go "I like that one!'. You can try to be as free as you want with it, though as fair warning their is no guarantee I will use all of yours, should you make any. For some nations, I have very specific ideas as to how I want them to.. be. The problem is, I don't know what those nations are yet. :p
    Hey! Thanks a lot. Sorry for the late response, I was typing up some descriptions to show you what I meant. Here you go.

    Padania: The people's of Norther Italy, have decided to stake out independence, finally free of the economic shackles of Southern Italy. Declaring independence from the Franco-Germanic Empire, Padania quickly became a key trading nation on the Mediterrenean Sea. While it grew economically, various remnants of the Catholic Church began re-organizing in Milan, to the point in which a new Pope, Magistris I, was elected, albeit under questionable pretense. Padaia continues to hold a friendly, albeit occassionally tense relationship with the Franco-Germanic Empire. It does hope to rule all of Northern Italy someday, afterall.
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