Frozen In Ice
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  • Well none of that stuff is going to be massively desperate for this first update (unless you're planning to expand right away which seems hasty). Can't you just wait on the following update?

    You can also try opening the sheet in google docs if you lack excel, or downloading Open office and opening it with that.
    Unfortunately I've been lied to, there is no wireless Internet here.

    Anyhow, Kavala is a bit deep in Bulgarian territory, and the eP you lost was exclusively from there. If you only wanted Kavala to leave then I can change it but you'll lose even more stability from the inhabitants sorry for the delayed response
    I'd heavily reccomend Bulgaria over the Ottomans, as the Ottomans are plagued with instability, while Bulgaria has just won two regional wars and could even take Constantinople
    Just so your aware, it is allowed to send in your spending orders by PM. I saw you posting your armies and everything in the thread, and its usually best to keep that stuff secret. Gives your enemies, like me, just a slight bit too much intel on you and your potential in the war.

    Although if this is a ploy to feed us fake intel, thats a smart move. I have to say congrats on thinking of something like that because thats a really good idea.
    Armies do not require supplies the turn they are built. They do in subsequent turns that you want to use them. You can over supply somewhat to increase their effectiveness, which it looks like some are doing this turn with their supply expenditures.
    Frozen, would you mind re-sending me your orders with the proper format? See the thread for the format.
    Probably not. I'm starting school up again in the next few days, and have procrastinated thus far with the work I was supposed to be doing. So I'm going to spend my last few days of break typing up Economy papers and the like. Not very fun. The update is a little more over half-way done though, and should hopefully be posted sooner then later.
    The Imperium will withdraw from the Sapmi Republic if our right to determine Finland's sovereignty or lack thereof (as agreed upon in the Treaty of Helsinki, signed by the Kingdom of Poland, a member of your coalition) is recognized.
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