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  • Does Nazca have a TSL for the giant Earth map (YnAEMP). I see it have support in the support folder in the mod folder. I can only see it in the total random or random and TSL menus. When I select it, it always gets places in Asia (Northeast Corner).
    Hi Pouakai, are you the one who made the Gold Resource mod on steam workshop for Civ 6? If so can you please upload it here? The steam client doesn't work my college and the Steam pages are also blocked. Thanks.
    Hi, Pouakai. I just wanted to let you know that the link to the Pu'ukohola Heiau Wonder goes to The Matterhorn download site in the CFC Download Database.
    Hi, Pouakai. I have some request from you. Could you rename my thread in Civ5 New Civilzations named : "EricNgui's Anime and Gaming Civilizations" to "EricNgui's Civilizations"? And is that possible to change my profile name? Please pm into me if you have anything to say about this.
    Dear Pouakai i merely asked how Scapegrace was but i have cause any offensive then i'm sorry. I guess questions like that should be asked in the general discussions fourm.

    With regards Kerrigan Hayes
    .P.S. do infraction points go away over time or need to be appealed?
    Just ran across some of Cyon's artwork while reading something completely unrelated to CFC. Certainly wasn't something I had expected to happen.
    Haha, alright then. I just thought of it because I was talking to someone the other night, about their trip to New Zealand. They stayed in a... it sounded like mori, might've been marae from a quick search, I apologize for not knowing and possibly misusing the term - and were following Maori culture for a few months.
    As would I. I personally would like to see the Swahili or Malagasy (or for even more unexpectedness, Zimbabwe) to the Zulu, but I don't think that'll come around. I'd think another Asian and South American civ would be nice for the last two, but I doubt either.
    Pouakai: You seen the new expansion?
    CivOasis: Parts of it, yeah. I was taking bets on the new civs yesterday - I think if we ever see Majapahit/Indonesia in, this'll be it
    CivOasis: If you've never tried to buy a ubisoft game... their autopatcher sucks.
    CivOasis: But, yeah. I'm thinking - note that this is an expectation, not a wishlist - that we'll get Poland, Assyria, Portugal, Kongo, Zulu, Lakota (or other Plains civ), Indonesia (or other S/SE Asian civ), some other European civ, and some civ from left field
    CivOasis: I was trying to think of new civs that could take advantage of ideologies but not be controversial, but I'm not certain.
    CivOasis: Venice *could* be an eighth, though it would surprise me (trade mechanics)
    CivOasis: /expects that none of that went through

    My internet is functionally useless.
    Well I wish you luck Pouakai dealing with the updates on all the mods following the expansion. Love your stuff, so we will see how it works following the exp
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