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  • Hi, I left this message on in the thread for your Diplomacy Features Mod, but I wanted to bring the issue directly to your attention.

    When I run your mod with the latest versions of Info Addict (IA) & City State Diplomacy (CSD), the Map/Tile Info Display disappears, so when I scroll over a tile, I get no popup re: tile/unit info.

    I really want to play using this mod, but I consider IA and CSD to be necessary. Is there an easy solution, hopefully?

    I'm sorry, I really can't help with thinking up uniques anymore, I'm too busy.

    Putmalk, I think I might need your help again with ideas. Do you have any thoughts about uniques (preferably units, but buildings are OK as well) for Date Masamune? Thanks.
    I've done.

    A question, in "en_US_Text_Generic_Diplomacy.xml"

    Is the "x" your intention or a mistake?

    In German translation, i write this Line, without "x".

    My English, is not so good, i hope you understand me.
    Hi Putmalk, just saying that I've finally released the update with all the second uniques ^_^. Thought you might like to check it out.
    I'm ditching the Sohei idea, it seems everyone can get them with faith... just saying. Bishamonten Shrine is still in.
    The problem with that approach is that in Sengoku Jidai, everyone is Japanese. In this mod, if you did something similar to Sengoku Jidai's warrior monks, you'd have, for example, American Sohei, which just seems wrong.

    P.S. Thanks for the Bishamonten idea. I'm putting it as the Uesugi UB. The only difference to your original idea is that I'm making it +2 Faith instead of +1. This stops Uesugi players, like the rest of us, being forced to research Pottery as their first tech to have any hope of founding a religion.

    Uesugi are becoming the Ethiopia of Japan...
    I'd give the Sohei to everyone and let them build it with a religious tech. Similar to what I did with Sengoku Jidai's Warrior Monks. (god I haven't worked on that mod in ages)...
    I literally encoded the Uesugi UU (Sohei/Warrior Monk) an hour ago. On the other hand, that UB (Bishamonten shrine) looks perfect and actually relates to the Uesugi. Who would you give the Sohei to then? Kato? Not Konishi, that's for sure.
    What I would do:
    - Faith: 3
    - +10% Culture in the city.

    I wouldn't ever have reduced culture cost of policies on a UB, especially since if you continually build them, that number could potentially reduce to reduced by 100%+ ... you don't want that.

    +10% Culture in a city so it's not really overpowered. Especially that early in the game.
    I like that! Thanks a lot. It's also very easy to code.

    The problem is that the UB I was planning (Gojunoto, aka five-storey pagoda) had a "culture cost of policies reduced by 2%" or something... any ideas?
    2 policies is an immediate turn 1 worker if you're using standard settings, which is ridiculously overpowered (if using standard Tradition/Liberty/Honor policy trees).

    1 policy is fine, but it's not strong enough, imo. An additional tech is really strong, because you could immediate go Pottery for example and now you're set to get a religion or monument and really bang out the culture/religion.

    Maybe 1 Policy and an 10% discount on future policy costs?
    Re: Hojo trait, is it still OP even if you make it so that it's something like 1 policy and no techs? I was thinking of making it like that because Hojo "inherited" history from the Kamakura Hojo right from the start.
    Hi Putmalk, just wondering something about the Sengoku Jidai mod (I tried it, great scenario and very true to the ancient Japanese setting). How did you decide that the Takeda's trait was "Mounted Fury"? Were they famous for that?
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