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  • Select just the parts you're going to use, then crop out everything else. Resize it to the size you want (using image size). You may need to change up filter options for the resizing until you find one that looks good.
    It's super precise when I've done it. If there's a trick, I don't know of it.
    The way I've been doing it is convert it to a grayscale image, then re-coloring it with 50% transparent layers of the correct color over their respective areas (skin, armor sections, etc.). It actually works surprisingly well.
    Well, I don't know if it'll help, but I'm a member of a modders team. If you're interested, you could probably join up and share the workload. Helps make things easier for everybody, yes?
    Congratulations! You beat me to it!
    I was just going through game play rehearsals with my own version of Hunger Games when I saw you had already uploaded a version. Well done!
    I'm not very good at Unit creation so I just upgraded the Crossbowman and changed the Market for a Hob (with slight alterations, of course).
    My colour schemes and graphics are different, but what the hay?
    May the odds be ever in your favour!!
    There are lots of posts about differences between G&K and vanilla, most of them dating to when the expansion came out; you can search and find them. I think G&K is a big improvement, and haven't gone back to vanilla since I got G&K. One of the biggest changes with religion is that you can use it to overcome many of the happiness issues, and thus can expand to bigger empires than you could with vanilla. Since there are also rumors about a new expansion coming "real soon now", however, you might want to wait for that before contemplating an upgrade.
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