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  • Yes, but it probably would have taken a lot longer and involved defending GG from people I shouldn't defend it from. So thank you from sparing me from lots of potential embarrassment. :)
    Well yeah that's the thing. When I was pro-GG I thought that "oh I don't agree with everything that these guys say I only agree with the good bits" but then I realised that there really wasn't any good bits. It also started becoming apparent to me that a lot of the "heavyweights" of the group like that Breibart guy were in to organise a crusade against the left yet if I said something like that I was called a shill. Also any group that doesn't have proper quality control to keep nutters out is ultimately doomed to failure, I belived that before GG yet the anger had clogged up my mind so much that I wasn't thinking straight. I reckon that there are still some people like me but I think that most of the reasonable people have moved on.
    Yeah there's that, but it's harder to remember to watch Jim every Monday without a central hub I visit anyway. I generally hate Youtube's UI and only use it for watching videos I'm linked to.
    I would use Absolutely Disgusting but then you might've thought I was being ironic.

    God, I used to be so proud of having them in my state, and now they're just ass. At least the Lizzy lass doesn't sound bad.
    I still watch ZP and read Critical Miss, Experienced Points, and Critical Intel. Still, it's either dying or going through some major restructuring.

    I PM'd Greg Tito early last year asking if there was gonna be a third Expo, and he said there wouldn't due to money problems. I imagine that has a lot to do with what's going on.
    Yeah, the guy who posted that is a (insert naughty word starting with t). And he's meant to be one of the sane ones. I think I'm going to stop supporting GamerGate now, this is just too much. Everyone who isn't completely nuts have attempted to dissociate themselves from the movement (Totalbuiscut, JonTron and even bloody IA). It's a shame, I think that GG had the potential to be more than this and actually do some significant good (GG has done some stuff but not much). Unfortunately all the non-harassment side of GG has become is a horde of zombie strawmen that everyone can point at to derail arguments. IDK, don't take this as gospel as I am half asleep and I am upset due to unrelated issues as well, but yeah. Stuff sucks.
    Mezzanine is a great album. I downloaded it as part of /mu/core, was worth the 30 gig download. The compilation has a massive amount of albums I need to listen through. I listened to Burial - Untrue but I just didn't like the vibe, even though everyone says its a great album, have you listened to it?
    Well Get Money is so far my favorite track, I'll listen to it again, although I'm currently on a Massive Attack binge.
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