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  • I can understand that, I'm still at uni and I've already got a ton of stuff heaped up keeping me off CFC. How are things going for you?
    Hey, good to hear from you! Pretty much been following your footsteps in terms of the stories you said you were doing, from DJing to producing media (in my case music 80s pop music and currently working on an indie game soundtrack) to working in finance and having wild nights and travels etc, but I find it just doesn't seem/sound anywhere near as cool when I do it :yeah: I've been talking to Whomp on the phone, found out you guys met which was cool. Otherwise just finishing up school in Berkeley and not having a reason, yet, to ditch spending hours on this website :p Congrats on the wife, kid, AND a growing business. That sounds like the jam, in my quest of following my own myth of your footsteps, that's the dream.
    So, whereas sucking you back into the addiction of forums is probably a bad thing, it would still be cool to know what you are up to and how your adventures have gone.
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