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  • Thanks! Good to hear from you. It's been a long time. I'm back, kind of. I simply don't have time these days for the OT postings of old. But I'm glad to connect again with good folk via civ and all that it inspires.
    I think sometimes people can be a little too sensitive. I recall the great spam wars of 2003-2004.
    There is no way that would happen now, the whole site would be ban hammered! :D
    Ok. Good luck! Just VMing everying whose left so we can have a !!fun!! first update. Thanks for telling me.
    MjMnes needs YOU to post your culture description by tonight, to ensure a bountiful harvest in the form of an update for all.
    You should have said so.
    Perhaps I could buy you off with a signed photo of Martti Syrjä then?
    How many people are you gonna retaliate against? What are you retaliating for? Search your feelings.
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