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  • I'm afraid I haven't. I haven't actually read much Marxist stuff on fascism at all, which is a pretty big oversight.
    Hey, have you had a chance to read anything by Soviet historian Moshe Lewin? I picked up a book of his, The Soviet Century, for cheap the other day. It has glowing reviews everywhere I've looked and was published by Verso, so I was curious as to whether you've read it/have any opinions on it.
    TIL The Holocaust was just something that happened, that Nazism had nothing to do with it, that Hitler wasn't a Nazi anyways and that we need to stop bringing it up.
    The lengths people went to to defend the motives of a guy who literally said "I hate women and I am going to kill women" are, honestly, kind of shocking.

    I guess I must lower my expectations.
    Wow I'm kind of amazed at the speed in which your thread managed to sink.

    For all that people whine about crazy, radical feminists they rarely produce lone nut shooters.
    I figured a book length treatment would be best. I had a bit of a look around and found that Roosa's Pretext for Mass Murder is pretty well regarded.
    I read the old "Ask A Red" thread, I really like that thread, and I found that you actually able to speak arabic, that's interesting. Laa a'rif inna takalamu lughoti arabiya, ayna darasta lughotin arabiya? shukron katsiron.
    That's a relief then. A while back I recommended Apollo 18 to bhsup in the movies thread and he also hated it. :lol:

    About going back to movies you saw as a child - I've had it go both ways. I saw Spaceballs recently and though it used to be a movie I loved as a child, I didn't find it funny at all; despite having forgotten nearly everything that happened in the movie. On the other hand, I saw the Princess Bride recently and found it to be deeper than what I remembered as a kid.

    But Lebowski - well it has marijuana in it so obviously it must be funny. Or something.
    I'll be 27 next month, so I feel you. :lol:

    I have a theory that younger people think it's funny and original because they haven't been exposed to enough older and/or good films. I only saw it recently and before I saw it I was kind of stoked given the reputation. But compared to the wealth of other films I've seen, it just didn't cut it.

    Oh and sorry to hear you didn't enjoy Apollo 18. I hope it wasn't my recommendation that made you decide to watch it!
    I didn't mean to accuse you of it like it's something you would do. It's just such an overwhelming meme here, 'ZOMG Lebowski quotes for everyone!!!!1!' that I couldn't be sure. Seriously, people here worship that movie and most people I know under 25 think it's literally the best/funniest/most original/prophetic movie of all time. It's annoying as frakking hell and honestly, I found it quite boring. Hell, I didn't even know what was going on half the time.
    Assuming your post about Lebowski wasn't just troll bait and you were serious -


    I can't stand that movie for all the reasons you listed. Spot on.
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