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  • One sis, one brother. Sister is 2 years younger, brother 10 years older.

    My sister and I always say we both clean up after ourselves, though obviously one must lie. That or my Mom causes messes in a split personality and doesn't remember.
    Actually my Mom is innocent, and my Dad kind of tried to stop me, but he's not really strict, so it was easy cake. He gave up, and we've called a truce.

    ...boy was it fun seeing the house descend into insanity for a few hours though. :D
    You can send PMs to each other or write in Visitor Message pages, I don't mind.
    If you make a QuickTopic then you have to notify me of it by PM. btw I'll be off the forum until Monday. Have fun!
    All TVs disconnected. Minor inconvenience 1.

    Now to hide remotes, batteries, and generally make an ass of myself.
    You have 8 points. The missile will cost 3. So you'll have 5 to attack with... 2.5 of those will be consumed by 5 attacks...

    The remaining 2.5 can be invested in the missile shield or missiles, whichever you prefer. :)
    He will cave in, not me! I swear it!

    Mother, if she's the voice of reason, will step in to end this anarchy. But until then, I'm gonna thrive. :evil:
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