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  • Take your time. I took mine anyways. We don't have a limited time for this succession game. You should take a look though in your succession game. We have a nice touché against the AI.
    Well, CivNoobie=scat fetish+disrespectful+natural troll unbeknownst to him+untalkative+facebook+creepy as hell.

    Seriously, he's a new breed of Civ Fanatic.

    NO, in fact, you cannot comprehend the true form of CivNoobie!
    Just like trying to imagine time in a imagery context, duality of particle-wave or quantum interconnectedness.
    Hi :)

    I know I still owe you, but I somehow have to step back seriously from Civing, because it somehow makes me feel bad. Therefor, I don't know when (or if ever) I can finish my last Replay. I hope you understand this and don't take it personally.

    Thx for the welcome back :)

    Cya, Seraiel
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