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  • Yay! Somebody signed up!

    In other news:
    If you need any help understanding anything, just ask. :D

    I'm glad you have been introduced to the IOT sub-forum. IOT are awesome. Look for a Mini-IOT Australia that will come out soon. See the Around the World Mini-IOT Series website. :D
    Basically, what you do is you create your own nation. You roleplay as the leader of that nation. You lead it to dominance through war or diplomacy. For example, Nepal holds a lot of power in the Eastern Asia one at the moment, even though they have only a few provinces. They go it through diplomacy.

    Anyway, you take provinces and RP as your nation in Public and behind doors. Its fun. If you need an example check out Mini-IOT Eastern Asia in the IOT Forum. It is a game GMed with me. The rules for Terranova came from it.

    VM me any more questions. :D

    And don't worry about me repling here. I do it automatically. :D
    Hi Sam! Ever heard of IOTs?
    "Imperium Offtopicum is often defined as "an empire-building game" that spawned from the Altered Maps threads. It has had many, many variations, but generally speaking: you create or take over a nation of your choice, you expand a little at a time, you can engage in war and diplomacy and conquer the world, and the overall goal is fun."
    You should join my new Mini-IOT: Terranova.


    If you reply reply on my profile so I will be notified of the reply.
    Hey welcome to CFC! I am a new memeber like you! Just slightly less new. :D

    Oh cool! You live in Sandwich, MA! I have actually been there!
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