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  • Shiggs, what is happening with your Civil War mod? I downloaded it find it very interesting. I was curious, how do you know where and how many units to place for both sides? Is that mostly guesswork, or are you researching placement of units, as they were located true to history? Or do you come to this from trial and error, by placing units as you see fit, and playtest, until the game is balanced?
    Shiggs how are you with Python? I am working on a Napoleon mod for BTS 3.19 RevDCM, and later I might need some Pyton help. It will be awhile though, I still have alot of xml work to finish.
    Yes my god how have you been, I am thinking of trying your civil war mod, since I have BTS off my machine for the moment. I have been trying to redo Jon Shafers World War One mod for civ 4 v.1.74. I have my xml done. Except for the airship because I was not sure how to add a bombing animation, so you see the bombs drop and explode on the city like a bomber. Anyway I have all my planes, machine gunners, infantry all done. Now I have been working on Python and I switched the turns from months to weeks and my Python is all screwed up, my turn events do not work and my other events come too early for instance the U.S. declares war in 1915...bad for the Germans lol. So I have been trying to learn Python. I posted in the SDK/Python forum if you want to take a look, glad to see you back my friend, we surely missed you around here.

    In the meantime I was going to reinstall BTS and patch it to 3.13 and play your mod
    Hey Shiggs when you get back on I may need some help with an xml problem, I know you are very good at finding xml problems. Take it easy. Seems you have'nt been on here for a bit. When you get back on, get a hold of me, take it easy bro
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