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  • Dear stolenrays, not sure if you still read this though.. Thank you for your modmaking, the DCM and now, I am modding a mod based on DCM. If it is ok to ask a help, can I ask you to look up my post in your thread, Dale's Combat Mod (BTS 3.19).
    Would you please give me a working link to SVN dcm v2.6? I have tried to checkout the mod using about 10 different descriptions but all I get is the "valid name", "no files found" errors.
    I want to try the SVN version per your suggestion because the interface is missing from the non svn download that I am using. (the normal switches do not work, ctrl shift I, etc.)
    Hi stolenrays,

    Anyway I could get that fixed CvInfos.h file from you before you release the next version? I have some people anxiously waiting to play my mod, Evolution, that includes Advanced Diplomacy and I'd like to get a hotfix out ASAP.
    Hello stolenrays,you are great at wonder graphics!
    I will use your Willis Tower in my mod.
    Can you please make the Burj Khalifa?
    Dear stolenray, thank you for your new resources; that Great Pumpkin civ4 wonder is already in the design stage . . .
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