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  • Hi, I just want to tell you that your question about the renaming of cities after conquest inspired me, when I saw it I immediatly saw the potential and wrote a few lines of codes about the various names of Byzantium/Constantinopolis/Konstantiniyye/Istanbul (also known as Tsargrad in russian and Miklagard in norse). In addition I sadly noted that internal name changes are more difficult. That didn't stopped me however as I created a little system to change city names for Russia if they are communist. As communism appear quite late in the game it shouldn't create too much problems and allow to have Leningrad and Stalingrad (among others). In short thanks for giving me the idea. Maybe we should share a bit of code as I have already wrote the code some city names (not really following any order since I was a bit overwhelmed by possibilities).
    Hello~ I was wondering if you still have your Sri Lankan civ for BTS; the file link does not work. Thanks in advance~
    Since you haven't replied to my post, which I can't really understand, I have to tell you (again) the truth. Your leaders are good, great, but you have to remember, that what you see in Blender, is not the final leaderhead. 3D animating is the art of illusion. Instead of making complex 3d meshes, try creating complex textures and the game will handle the rest. Making something shiny (like you see in-game) is called "shading". It seems, you have ignored the term whenever you could, instead asking about it. Blender deletes shader from the imported leaderhead, so you'll have to re-add those in NifSkope. I can give you a brief explanation in pm, if you want. If not, ignore me, as you did it with several leaders of yours, and my post. You are generally stealing the works of others, which is definately not the point of modding, and adding a name to the description is not equal to giving credit.
    Queen Seondeok of Silla was the one I was trying to download, but I tried again now and it works :) Just Sri Lanka I want now then. Thank you for the fast reply btw :)
    Sri Lanka was uploaded on Megaupload,I will try to reupload it to another site today.
    Hmm...what leaderhead did you try to download?
    I can download all.
    Hi was trying to download your Sri Lanka civ and I can't get to a download page. Was also trying to download a leaderhead and that didn'r work either. All other downloads from civfanatics have been working fine. Was wondering if maby you could fix what is causing the download link not to work or maby email (if possible) The files I want? I'm lokking for your Sri Lanka civ as mentioned above, other civs if they have female leaders and female figureheads (yours are the prettiest out there) I'll try downloading again a bit later and look for a reply here :)
    Sorry,Mango Elephant,I don't have any recommendations for Chinese books.
    I already forgot the name of the books that I read about China and much what I know of China comes from wikipedia,media and Civ4.
    I think there are other people on the forums who know more then I about China...
    Hey, I understand you're pretty smart with Chinese history. I would like to learn more. I've already read most of China: A New History and I have an old book named Sources of Chinese Tradition to read after that. Do you have any recommendations?
    I like Asia,it interests me and an Emperor is the leader of an empire,then a "Grand Emperor" is the leader of a "greatern empire".
    It's not *that* regular ;). I try to post it after 4-5 weeks, this time decided after 6, so it will come in the next days :).
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