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  • I do not wish to address this post to Stormrage, but whoever comes here, know this:

    When I first registered at CivFanatics (years ago, this is a new account as I do not wish to be remembered by my childish behavior), Stormrage was one of the folks here who made my question my immature world view. In a sense, he involuntarily helped me grow up. And to achieve that over an internet forum - that's a success.

    It is kinda sad that I've never had the chance to thank him.
    To have posts written about you on an Internet forum posthumously says a lot about your character: you must have been one hell of a guy! RIP.
    Leave the porch light on for us, so we dont get lost on our way up. :) You remind us all to Sieze the Day!
    We used to argue about historical units vs fantasy units.. He is the one that made me stop and rethink my naive bickering. I am unsure how it happened; but nonetheless, I bid you adieu my friend.
    Farewell Storm. I only knew you by your reputation, a reputation that will remain here forever.

    Rest in peace.
    Stormrage: Oct 21, 2005 - Jun 02, 2009
    I didn't know you that well, but I looked up to you as one of the elite posters. Rest in peace, Stormrage, last of the taskmasters.
    Rest well, good friend. I look forward to one day meeting the person behind the green ork. We'll play Civ together in heaven! :) (And drink mead together with Ares in Valhalla!)
    Downloaded a few things by him, but never even took the time to put my thanks in the thread. RIP buddy, wish I could have thanked you earlier.
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