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Feb 21, 2006
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Dec 9, 2020
    1. Arakhor
      Being a soft Southern jessie, I'll take that as high praise! :)
    2. Arakhor
      Naturally! My mother comes from Yorkshire, so I know the phrase, even if I've never lived there.
    3. Arakhor
      Wikipedia suggests that might be Surrey instead. :p
    4. Arakhor
      I take it that you're a Yorkshire lad? :)
    5. Quackers
      I don't think it will be comfortable like last season but i think we have a good chance of getting around 12th place.

      Boro is an interesting one. It looks like your success was all down to McClaren and when he went the whole club sank like a stone. I did read a few things about your new boss, formerly on the coaching staff of Real Madrid no less. I expect to see a lot of boring backwards passes next season at the Riverside :lol: Do you think you can make it to the play-offs this year?
    6. Quackers
      At first I saw Lambert, Lallana and Shaw leave and I was like. Ok that is the maximium, that is enough. I was disappointed with the three leaving; but in each case it was a legitimate move. Lambert moved to his boyhood club (can't deny him that). Lallana and Shaw brought in huge money. Although I do hate Adam Lallana for a few things he said when he joined Liverpool like:

      AL: “Last season, deep down, I was thinking: hopefully one day I'll be able to play in that team. That dream is reality now.” #LallanaLFC

      I predict Lambert/Shaw will get a fully positive reception next season. Lallana will be more mixed. Dusan Tadic and Pelle both appear to be quite good replacements.

      When Lovren threw his toys out of the pram I got another pang of disappointment.
      I'm at the stage where i am beyond grief. I just accept it now. When I saw Morgan and Rodriguez on the verge of joining Spurs I laughed (probably bitterly).

      I'm just hoping we hang onto our players and that we stay up next season.
    7. Quackers
    8. Quackers
    9. Quackers
      Wow..your last message was from me too....

      Are you using any bet picking site?
    10. Quackers
      what uni u at pal?
    11. Takhisis
      You need a reupload for the TechIMO pic.
    12. Abaddon
    13. Dachs
    14. Abaddon
      Come back! (an be sure to write on my wall, not your own! (Click "view conversation" first!)
    15. salty mud
      salty mud
      Just been away for a few months, things got busy and I only just remembered about the place not long ago. :lol:

      I didn't realise I was missed. :p
    16. Zack
      Hey, you're back! Where you been?
    17. Bobbtjoe
      No mesage!!!!!!
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