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  • Not per se, just standard hex editors - and I posted a link to the file format on what's rapidly becoming our private chat thread ...
    I'm happy to hear that, Scotland is one of the places i'd like to visit in this lifetime !

    I haven't played Civ3 (or any civ game for that matter) in a very long time. I rarely play any games nowadays, i guess. But every few months i do fire up Europa Universalis to play a game.
    Nevertheless, i wish you luck for your future mod. :)
    Hi ^_^
    I'm glad i made a good(?) impression. I think i know who you are hehe. :D
    I don't use last.fm much anymore - i mostly listen to music at work or on my phone so the account only records what i listen to at home.
    Everything is good for me, i'm just not around the forum much anymore. I'm mostly lurking about.

    Your location says Scotland too ! Are you studying there ?
    Haha thanks for the kind words! No idea who you could be though :)

    Oh and I apologise sincerely for corrupting your musical taste :lol:
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