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Sun Tzu Wu
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  • Thank you once again. Best of luck with fielding a strong Kaku team! It wouldn't be the same without you guys!
    Thanks for the invitation. However, what you are suggesting would mean one less team being fielded. Isn't it better for everyone involved if the competition has more teams instead of less teams?
    You shouldn't read that guide; it's obsolete.
    Mine is updated and I shall at one point continue the work on it. Especially given I have unraveled the mystery about cease fire and peace treaty (I can quantify it now with numbers).
    Just need time after my turnset. BTW, if you have any question, you should ask me directly. :)

    BTW, it is thrilling to be able to grasp mostly the game just as DanF did; I feel the game so much less random.
    Why are you studying "We don't want to start trading this technology just yet" when I made the ultimate excel applet that calculates it without a minute of thinking?
    Except for world projects influence (which comes modern times), all other techs work fine.
    Do you mind if I befriend you for symbolic value? That "arrogant" post was so nice I have to befriend you. You can turn me down without any shock from me...as I know I am not The-Hawk or his kind.
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