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Mar 11, 2013
Jul 31, 2007
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Reynardine the Great

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Mar 11, 2013
    1. kkmo
      I hear ya. I call anyone, even the most minor participant, a participant nonetheless. ;) I am sure your poetry is great, even in English.
    2. kkmo
      However much you want, really. Yeah it'd have to be in English, but you could always translate. Are you Japanese?

      No, the Sengoku one is not finished. I am still working on the update, actually. It takes me longer to update that one because I am not as motivated (from a lack of player involvement and story-telling). But I still keep it going because it is fun to work on every now and then.
    3. kkmo
      T_F: Might you consider joining my new NES as a poet-character? I rather liked your poetry in my last NES. It could be interesting having you as a wandering poet, writing and telling about the world completely in prose as you travel from place to place. I don't know. Think about it.
    4. kkmo
      Excellent tanka, T_F. You will surely get some sort of bonus for your poetry.
    5. Abaddon
      I sent out another exploration party..
    6. Abaddon
      I have a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery interesting discovery. Play nice, an i'll share it :D
    7. Abaddon
      Just to say thank you, an that I won't be needing any ships this turn, but I do hope our join adventure into the dark is fruitful. I've decided to wait a bit longer for war.
    8. Ninja Dude
      Ninja Dude
      I do believe you no longer have any sort of claim on Taiwan...
    9. Milesthewarrior
      Dear T_F.
      If want to talk about continuing both our LOTR Mods we should have it in our LOTR Mod Group you're free to join
    10. Dragonson
      Hey T_F =D I noticed you online, so id just lik to tell you that M&ANES II: Reign of the Ashlord is almost started, so if you wanna signup i reccomend you do it fast ;)
    11. Dannydehz
      China is willing to purchase 30 second-hand ships at half price: 30 x 125 = 3750. This is the same offer we made to Ryukyu
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